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Accounting Outsourcing

 This service allows you:

·         Cost cutting

·         Respect of dead lines

·         Flexibility

·         Concentrate on value added tasks

CFAC works with accounting firms as well as with Companies who wants to outsource bookkeeping and outsource accounting work to Tunisia. Outsourcing bookkeeping allows you to concentrate on value added tasks and to reduce consequently your costs.



Our accounting department include team specialized in French accounting, the department manager have a DCG and DSCG from France. The staff members insure a permanent follow up on the work advancement. The bookkeeping of accounting entries is insured by qualified accountants with universities diplomas.

Progress report on the work advancement is systematically sent to customers.

CFAC insure a permanent flexibility in order to meet customers’ needs.


Accounting documents transmission Procedure

1st method

You have only to connect to the platform e-cfac on CFAC website and you upload the scanned documents (invoices, bank detail…) on the server. You’ll be communicated with a user name and password to enable you to have a secured access.

Through e-cfac, you’ll have an online contact with our team which enables you to have an on-time feedback on the work progress.

2nd method:

CFAC representative in your country collect hard copies of the accounting documents, scan and send them o the head office of CFAC in Tunis. He will insure the documents collection on a monthly basis

Once the bookkeeping and the checking of the accounts finalized, CFAC will send you the received documents through mail or post.


Safegaurding and follow up

CFAC is in charge of making the accounting entries and keeping customers informed about the work advancement and eventually issues encountered. CFAC is using the accounting software SAGE SAARI, CIEL and EBP for customers needs.

Your accounting data will be safeguarded in secured servers, with daily back up.