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Payroll and HR Outsourcing

 Outsourcing will allow you :

Cutting costs

Payroll outsourcing will allow to your company’s cutting cost up to 35%. Outsourcing payroll will reduce error and give you a more reliable.

Payroll outsourcing will allow you to avoid cost in relation with payroll software upgrade in case of law change and to be independent from the payroll responsible. You’ll not no more suffer from an unexpected dismissal or absence.

Reduce payroll errors

You’ll no more Payroll calculation errors. Outsourcing allows you to avoid costly errors in payroll calculation through a controlled system allowing a regulatory intelligence.

You’ll no more have delays in lodging social returns. It will allow you to avoid definitely social penalties.

CFAC will in the short term offer for medium and big sized companies’ services in relation with general services, payroll, HR management, reorganization, staff development.

CFAC is actually putting in place a highly specialized department of outsourcing payroll and HR.