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Project Planning & Business support

The accounting firm CFAC supports your business throughout its phase constitution until birth. We handle the drafting of status, the publications and the choice of the most appropriate legal form to laws and Tunisian regulations...

Our firm discharges you of the paperwork when binding your project entrepreneurship in Tunisia, and offers a full service to all the necessary steps to set up your business for you.

  • Development financing plan (preparation of projected income statement, cash flow statement, cash plan...)
  • Legal Considerations (liability founder, growth opportunities)
  • Tax Considerations (Tax, VAT ...)
  • Verification of professional regulation (for jobs where access is restricted)
  • Preparation of draft status
  • Preparation and recording of final status
  • Tax identification card and opening statement
  • Folders benefits (Purchase Orders, approval API ...)
  • Publications of the constitution
  • Commercial register