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Foreign Investors

Why invest in Tunisia?

Thanks to its geographical position, the strength of its economy, the preferential agreements with many countries and the benefits for foreign investors, Tunisia offers access to the relocation, the establishment or the development of any company wishing to work on the Tunisian ground.

Tunisia is the first country on the southern shore of the Mediterranean having integrated free trade area with the European Union. It is also linked by preferential agreements with Maghreb and Arab countries.

In addition, Tunisia benefits of tariff reductions under the Generalized System Preference (GSP) for manufactured goods, agricultural and craft with The United States, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. The country is also bound by agreements with several African countries.

Tunisia has an attractive legal framework for foreign investment including the creation of offshore companies, supplemented by investment incentives code (IIC), thereby promoting outsourcing and subcontracting with several European countries (such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain ...).

Several sectors are regulated by the IIC including: tourism, manufacturing, public works, agriculture and fishing, crafts, real estate, training, IT services...


Investors in Tunisia can benefit from:

  • Freedom to invest in many sectors
  • Clear and favorable legislation combined into a single code
  • A single window to simplify administrative procedures
  • Many advantages for totally exporting companies
  • Qualified personnel with a surprising ability to quickly master new technologies
  • An effective legal protection for investors
  • A foreign exchange market with a free transfer
  • A functional infrastructure constantly improving


 Benefits granted to exporting companies

The investment incentives code (CII) offers incentives to encourage export.These benefits are usually:

  • Exemption from corporate tax during 10 years for companies operating prior to 1 January 2011
  • Exemption from registration fees
  •      Total exemption from duties and taxes for imported capital goods including transportation equipment goods, materials, semi-products and services

  •       Foreigners may own without prior authorization up to 100% of the capital of a company

  •       Totally exporting companies can realize a local turnover (in Tunisian territory) within the limit of 30%

  •       Interest, dividends and capital gains realized by non-resident investors are not taxable and repatriation is not subject to any restrictions

  •       Total relief of profits invested in totally exporting companies

  •        Suspension of VAT on local purchases of goods and merchandise

  •        Possibility of opening a bank account in foreign currency for offshore companies

  •       Freedom to recruit a maximum of four foreign executives. Beyond the authorization of the Ministry of  Employment is required.

  •       Opportunities for staff abroad to choose a flat tax rate of 20% on gross earnings

  •       Possibility to opt for a security system other than Tunisia.

  •        etc.

 How CFAC can help you:

The role of our Tunisian accounting firm CFAC is to provide foreign investors with all necessary information to the final decision to invest in Tunisia and this, by providing reliable answers to the following questions:


  • Why invest in Tunisia?
  •       What  costs foreign investors pay in Tunisia: labor costs, goods, fixed costs and variable costs...?

  • What advantages the foreign investor can benefit in Tunisia?

For any other issues that the foreign investor can ask before investing in Tunisia, the versatility of CFAC members allow them to answer all these questions:


  • What tax incentives of your project can benefit?
  • What is the tax rate applied in Tunisia?
  • What is the rate of social security applied in Tunisia?
  • What is the average salary of managers, technicians and workers..?
  • How much is the annual average of rent in Tunisia?
  • How many days of leave in Tunisia rigor?
  • Is it possible to open a foreign currency account and take out money freely in foreign currency?
  • Can we bring machines and materials existing abroad?
  • Once installed in Tunisia do we pay taxes in their country of origin?