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Tunisia: The main contributions of the Finance Act 2014

 Many measures have been taken , affecting both natural persons and legal persons, whose particular quote:

1. According to the provisions of Article 20, the small and medium enterprises created in 2014 , operating in the processing sector and whose turnover does not exceed 600,000 dinars are exempt from the corporate income tax for a period of 5 years and this from the date of their actual operating inputs.


2 . According to Article 34 of the Finance Act 2014, expenses , depreciation and value added tax relating to assets acquired for a cash value greater than or equal to 20,000 dinars are no longer permitted deduction.

This amount will be reduced to 10,000 dinars in 2015 and 5,000 dinars in 2016.

Furthermore, it was decided to support companies that receive said payment of a fine of 8% of the total bill .



3 . Article 41 states that every taxable person for VAT who made sales suspension of VAT on the basis of certificate purchase suspension made ​​by the recipient in the absence of an order referred to , is liable to a tax penalty equal to 50 % of the amount of VAT in suspension in the transaction .


4. Pursuant to Article 51 of the Law , the withholding tax of 1.5% will now apply on equal or superior to 1000 amounts D including value added tax paid by corporations and individuals subject to income tax depending on the actual system under their exception made ​​purchases of property and goods subject to administrative approval of price and profit margin which does not exceed 6 %